Device not showing ports (ports page blank)

So, this is a bit complicated, but here we go:

I have a Gen7 Sonicwall, which is waiting a pull into the main branch, to patch the problem, I added the change manually ( github pull request: Add Sonicwall OS 7 by edgetho007 · Pull Request #12997 · librenms/librenms · GitHub ). After doing so (and clearing a cache file) the unit was recognized without issue, however, when looking at the device: no CPU/memory/port info is populated into the device page, the Ports page is literally blank.

The only metric that seems to be pulled is the system uptime and basic info (system name, firmware, etc)

Validate shows only a warning on updates, because there’s a modified file (where the modified file listed is only the sonicwall.yaml file - which needs to be modified if this device is to be recognized at all). All other checks pass without issue.

I just updated this system, running version 21.6.0-54-g1a9755981, using nginx 1.18/php 7.4.3/python 3.8.10/mysql 10.3.29-MariaDB/Laravel 8.49/RRDtool 1.7.2 on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS.

Checking the logs, there’s no issues showing in any logs, though, as a precaution, I set the php memory limit to 512 in the config.php file.

If I go to the settings for the device and check port settings, they are all there. (there’s about a dozen of them)

I have ~24 devices in Libre right now, so it’s not a large install. I also checked disk use and I have lots of space free. I’m a little stumped. any ideas?

Hello @Mystik
The PR is now merged. You can now revert the files manually changed and run ./daily.php to get int installed with the auto-upgrade process.
Let us know if it fixes it.

I will try this and see if things sort themselves out. I was subscribed to the PR, so I saw it go in.

Thanks for pushing it along quickly. I’ll report back with the outcome of the changes.


I pulled the new version, and rediscovered the device. I now have a memory readout, no other changes to what I’m seeing.

Would it be wise to restart the NMS or remove and re-add the device?

Restarting won’t make a difference. Removing/re-adding the device may help in some particular cases (but you’ll loose your RRD graphs in the process). You need to wait a couple of polling cycles to see the graphs coming after re-adding.

I don’t presently have any RRD graphs to lose, so I don’t mind. This is a newly added device that has never reported correctly. I’ll re-add it and report back shortly.

No joy, same thing, unfortunately.

Try this, from the main menu select ports, once the new page come up, then on right select “Purge all deleted”
I had problems adding custom OID, after a “Purge all delete” I was able to add the custom OID

Thanks for the suggestion Phillip.

I did that and it removed the “Ports” tab from the device. I checked on it a little while later, and the ports tab was back (still blank) and searching for deleted under all ports, shows all of the ports for the device.

So it seems as though it’s picking them up, and immediately setting them as deleted ports. Not sure why.

I still have no idea what’s causing this and I have no ideas. I started a ticket with Sonicwall but they’re equally stumped (or so it seems). Anyone have any input? should I do a wire capture of the device communication? what’s the next step?

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