Device_perf.avg poller history

I have a general question about alerting based on the device_perf metrics.

I read elsewhere on the forum that these are the measurements of the fping from the poller to the device being polled.

The average metric is an average of what time period?

I am hoping to alert on averages over 200 ms for the past 10 minutes, but am having difficulty getting an alert to trigger.

When testing the trigger condition of:

device_perf.avg >= 30

It seems almost every device in my environment gets triggered.

I was hoping I could find/retrieve the average metric and make a rule based on an average by trying:

device_perf.avg >= 30 and
macros.past_15m == true

But I do not get any alerting. I know an alternative is to use services, but creating a service for every single device is not a scalable option.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

I’m with the same problem, did you find a solution?

No, I didn’t. I know that I can use a Nagios service but that has to be manually added for every device. I was hoping there was something built in that I can reference.