Device up/down indicator with grafana etc

Maybe I’m not wording my query very well but I can’t seem to find quite what I’m looking for (I’m a bit new to some of this)

I have LibreNMS working with InfluxDB and Grafana. I don’t necessarily need the solution to end up on Grafana but I suspect that with better understanding, that will start to fall into place.

First - If I just wanted a dashboard that showed me a list of the devices that are down at the moment, how would I go about this? Component Status doesn’t seem to give me ANY information, Device Summary is… helpful but too broad. After some searching, I found some macros that would seem to indicate that the up/down state for a device is stored or determined and I would think it would be available to use either in the dashboards or as a datapoint being sent to grafana, but the only indication I can find that this info is being looked at is in either a query or the device summary (it shows the down count, I would assume there’s an expanded version of that?)

Second - (sort of as a workaround maybe) how are the fields being populated in Influx determined by LibreNMS? Seems like there’s a set list with very little in the way of flexibility. Basically, same issue as the First point/question - how dow I get just the up/down state? I don’t need an alert yet, right now I just want to be able to list it out in a dashboard either in grafana or librenms (ideally both).

I’m a little short on time to write this, so I apologize if the details are a bit sparse - I’m not really time constrained to solve it, just to write this post :wink:

I feel like I’m missing something obvious but it’s just out of reach…

First, you don’t send stuff to Grafana, I uses queries in dashboards to get data from sources.
You can use the LibreNMS DB as a data source in Grafana and build a dashboard with dynamically appearing state tiles and use the same logic LibreNMS uses to set the state and color.

I think that fell into the ‘short on time’ category… I’m not sending things to grafana obviously, I should have said that I have LibreNMS putting things into influxdb and that’s feeding grafana. I’m also using infulx/grafana for some other non-nms (though semi-related) data.

I hadn’t considered using the LibreNMS DB directly… that seems like it’d be a much more efficient usage of space. Doing things the way I’m doing them always seemed like duplicating - or partially duplicating - information. I’ll investigate this.

For the moment, while I look into that, if we assume that that won’t work for whatever reason, how would I specify what data I want LibreNMS to put into influxdb? Or is that actually possible?

I think you only need influxDB for graphs of time series data - like RRD.
State you can get from the LibreNMS DB directly.

If I read librenms/InfluxDB.php at master · librenms/librenms · GitHub correctly, the same data, that RRD gets, is also send to influxDB.

Probably there is no need to fiddle with the data that get send.

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