Devices and ports get recreated every few days and lose old RRD data


I created LibreNMS server via the official LibreNMS Docker image. and Copied the configuration, database and RRD data from the original system (not docker). And everything seems to work.

For some reason selective devices and ports in the new system get recreated and ports get new IDs every few days. and that wipes the graphs/RRD files. and causing problem in Weathermap plugin. and the history on those devices and ports disappear!

It seems to be happening at nights. I searched through the logs and found nothing that can explain this behaviour.

Does the Discovery wipes devices and ports if there is a connectivity issues? Can the timeout in this case be changed?
Is there any way to preserve ports ID and RRD data?

Any help is very much appreciated!

What is your port association mode? and is that data changing?

  • default_port_association_mode ifIndex

The rrd files that was associated with old IDs does not exists any more.

ARNING: configs//myconfig.conf: ReadData: LINK XX1.YY-ZZZ1.UK, target: ./[device_name]/port-id2345892.rrd:INOCTETS:OUTOCTETS on config line 1083 of confi
gs//myconfig.conf had no valid data, according to 
ERROR: opening '/data/rrd/[device_name]/port-id2345892.rrd': No such file or directory

Seems like you have some configuration issues with your install. You should fix them first.

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