Devices Down

I would like to know if there is any way to adjust the table heading to reflect the “downtime” opposed to “uptime” when clicking on the device which are down from the main dashboard. Currently, we have to click into each device to see the actual “downtime”.

Thanks in advance,
Scott Nerone

No, why not use alerts for that?

Sounds good, I’ll head down that path to see what I can do. I was just asked by my team if this was an option for us to be able to see. Thanks for getting back to me so quick on this I appreciate it.


I think it will be next to impossible to show a mix of downtime/uptime in the same column.

Well, I’m not looking for that… what I’m looking for is on the main dashboard where I have the “Device-summary-horiz” widget and I click on the “Down” devices, when it brings me to the next page /devices/state=down/format=list_detail/ (for our environment) for it to show me in the column “Uptime” changed to down time. Obviously, this page is showing devices which are down and I was just wondering if it could reflect the time down opposed to “Uptime”, without having to click into each object to glean that information. Hopefully this is a bit more clear as to what I’m trying to accomplish.

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