DHCP Stats

Is it possible to run dhcp-status.sh under FreeBSD and pull this data to LibreNMS?

Working fine for me with a couple minor tweaks. No bash by default so you’ll either need to install bash or change the header to…


…and the dhcpd.leases file and cat executable were in different locations, yours may be different, but these are what worked for me with a pretty default 11.2 installation…


Also - PRTG is pulling Windows 2008 Servers DHCP info from a server. I am trying to replace PRTG with LIbreNMS, and this is the last item on my list before PRTG is completely rendered pointless.
I now am monitoring the server, followed all steps to get DHCP scopes and status to display, but all that is displayed is nan.

Is this a feature that is not working for Windows 2008 server? If so - what am I missing, and if not, what can I do to help make it so?

DHCP stats are for only for linux not windows.

Ah ok.
So being that windows is indeed generating the OID info to give output, how can I add it? Or are you saying that Linux cannot monitor snmp info windows is giving to it?

Or can I try adding from this?

I will do everything I can to get this added as a feature if it is not already!

Ok - If PRTG can read the SNMP output from the DHCP server, than can I build a poller that does likewise? I can pull other vital stats from windows server that is supplied by snmp output - why not DHCP?
I am going to try my hand at making a polling module in Libre that would do this.