Different devices with the same sysObjectID

I have 2 different ALERTWERKS ServeSensors an older one and a newer ALERTWERKS ServSensorX
they use the same sysObjectID
I m having problems discovering the new ones
the temperature OID id is not the same across the 2 platforms
new one is num_oid: .
I have made a separate
and tries to use

os: akcpx
text: 'AKCP SensorProbe X'
type: environment
icon: akcp
mib_dir: akcp
    - { graph: device_temperature, text: temperature }
            - .

but the device come back as the normal akcp device that has the sysObjectID:.

is there a way to differentiate between the two?

You would just add the additional OID to the akcp OS and discovery will detect which one is available so polling only polls what exists.

I did the os: akcp definitions has

            - .

and the newer devices pick that up first

thanks for the direction I have most of it working still working on one small issue.

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