Disable alerting for acknowledge, got worse and got better

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I have searched around but could not find a feature request that would already suggest what I am looking for.

We have a LibreNMS running with around 1500 units and around 10 people that works with it, this results in quite a few emails/SMS notifications when a alert is acknowledged in LibreNMS. It would be really nice for us to be able to just disable the notifications when someone acknowledges a alert, it could be on a global setting or on a “per alert basis”, I have made a image that kind of explains what I am looking for, will attach it at the bottom of this post.

It would also be nice if this could be set as “Enabled per default”, the alert would of course behave as before regarding changing color and so on, we are just looking for a way to not send out notifications that are not critical for everyone to know about.

Also a setting to disable all future notifications for a alert could be handy, could maybe look something like this.

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