Disable Fetching/Storing Remote Device Logs


Is there a way to disable polling and storage of remote device logs? We already have a separate syslog server running and do not require the remote device’s logs to be fetched and stored. This would quickly use up disk space on our Libre installation and is unnecessary. We have essentially all Cisco devices that require monitoring.

Those Event Logs are things generated by LibreNMS during discovery, polling and alerting - so they are not remotely gathered/received syslog messages.

When it’s running as a syslog server it’s in another tab:

In any case, they are retained for 30 days by default and you can adjust that under Global Settings if needed:

  1. Don’t send syslogs to the LibreNMS server.
  2. Remove the LibreNMS syslog config from your syslog server.

Either of these will work.

I’m not sending logs from the devices, its pulling the logs when polling the device via SNMP.

I’m not sending logs from my syslog server to LibreNMS either.

Aha! Thanks buddy, I’ll set it to 0 days hopefully that will stop retaining those logs.

I don’t think that is possible.

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