Disable & Ignore?

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On the Device Settings… What is the Difference between Disable and Ignore?

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Disable stops all polling. (A little more nuanced than that)
Ignore disables alerts.

Disable technically hides the interfaces from the webui, disables alerting and discards all polled data (unless per-port polling is enabled, then it isn’t polled at all).

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Got it thank you. I don’t see this anywhere in the Docs. I can add it just need to figure on what section.

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Probably best as an FAQ.

Even better than updating the documentation or the FAQ, how about changing the wording on the interface to match the answer exactly-

Disable - Stop Polling
Ignore - Disable Alerts

PRs welcome :slight_smile:

The wording is still misleading, so that I have done a new PR and updated the doc