Disable SNMP check

For this PR it won’t set the base out for any non-snmp support.

I thought that was the whole point of this: snmp_disable: { Field: snmp_disable, Type: tinyint(1), 'Null': false, Default: '0', Extra: '' } - adding the option to disable SNMP completely. @murrant said we should forgo setting it separately and just detect whether something is a ping OS. My response is no, don’t do that, because it won’t allow setting devices with no SNMP OR ICMP. And that’s where we are in the convo…

That field is just to allow you to disable snmp. It doesn’t set any foundations for data collection via other methods.

Detecting a ping only OS, how is that even possible? If the answer is if a device doesn’t respond on snmp then add it as ping only. What about if that device’s snmp was firewalled by accident, not running or just doesn’t respond at the time? I know you’ve said that’s not what you want but I’m responding anyway :slight_smile:

Right. I just mean, the PR will add disabling SNMP, which is important for a number of reasons.

And as for “detecting” - I think that meant “rather than not mark as down due to SNMP because of a database field being set, detect if the OS is set to “ping OS”, and if so, ignore snmp”. So, I’m saying “let’s do the database field instead, it’s better for future proofing”

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Gorian, if you just want to not show a device as down even though it doesn’t respond to icmp or snmp, I suggest modifying your local install. That probably won’t be accepted upstream at this time.