Disable some function on main menu LibreNMS

I want to turn off features like Ports and Routing in the main menu but I haven’t found an option to disable to disable unnecessary features.
Also, how do I turn off features like Memory, Processor, Temperature, Storage in the Health menu?
Looking forward to your help.

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It’s not possible.

On the main menu I see Services disabled by adding the following line in the config.php file
$ config [‘show_services’] = 0;

However, on the Routing and Ports section, I could not find a way to hide or disable the above feature.

If I interfere in the source code, I will correct the file or correct it in the database. Please help to hide the above features, thanks

For example, I create a Bod user, they only see dBm, Temperature in Health but can’t see other items.
Another user, Alex, can see Routing but can’t see Health.
Thank you

/opt/librenms/resources/views/layouts/menu.blade.php is where you start out.

They have a couple different options in the code.




And I think everything else is “normal user”.

I made it so the gear and username and other menu options that would normally appear for a normal user do not appear in the main bar by using @admin

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Here is an example for the menu.blade.php

By default the overview menu will have RIPE/SMOKEPING/OXIDIZED available to every user. I modified the menu so that only an admin user can see all of them and a normal user will only see the oxidized menu if oxidized is enabled.

Below are the original and modified snippets


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