Disabled sensor alerts keep getting re-enabled automatically

Hi all,

I have a Junos EX switch stack that has several SFP-based interfaces that are not patched at the remote end, hence the dBm Rx Power sensor values are always critical for these interfaces, according to Libre.

When I disable these sensor alerts under Edit → Health for the device, the alerts disappear, however in the next day or two they will return, with all of the Alerts buttons set back to “On”, e.g.:

Can anyone tell me why my manual Alerts settings are being reset?

Kind regards


Maybe they are getting deleted and recreated? You’ll have to run discovery by hand to check if that is the case.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for that, I think you’re right - looking back at the logs for that device there are heaps of “Sensor Deleted” and “Sensor Added” events. The EX virtual chassis is notoriously slow when dealing with SNMP requests for its many interfaces, so I’m guessing it’s something to do with that.