Discover and Poll memory utilisation from a new OS

Hi everyone,
I success to discover a new os for Radware Alteon. My device is now reconise as an Alteon and no as a Generic Device.
I try now to poll information like memory and processor use.
I follow the tutorial on the website but the memory use is block at 0 percent.

The problem is I can get the information from the mib for my device when i got to the tab mib.

Here are my 2 files includes/discover/mempools/ and includes/polling/mempool/radware.php


<?php if ($device['os'] == 'radware') { echo 'RADWARE-MEMORY-POOL: '; $used = str_replace('"', "", snmp_get($device, 'mpMemStatsUsed', '-OvQ',"ALTEON-CHEETAH-SWITCH-MIB")); $total = str_replace('"', "", snmp_get($device, 'mpMemStatsTotal', '-OvQ',"ALTEON-CHEETAH-SWITCH-MIB")); if (is_numeric($total) && is_numeric($used)) discover_mempool($valid_mempool, $device, 0, 'radware', 'MemoryUSE', '1',null,null); discover_mempool($valid_mempool, $device,1 , 'radware', 'Test', '1', null, null); } } **includes/polling/mempool/radware.php** <?php echo 'Radware MemPool\n'; $used = str_replace('"', "", snmp_get($device, 'mpMemStatsUsed', '-OvQ',"ALTEON-CHEETAH-SWITCH-MIB")); $total = str_replace('"', "", snmp_get($device, 'mpMemStatsTotal', '-OvQ',"ALTEON-CHEETAH-SWITCH-MIB")); $mempool['total'] = $total; $mempool['used'] = $used; $mempool['free'] = ($total - $used); I don't understand why it's still block at 0. Thanks for your help

If you have called the poller file mempool/radware.php then that’s the issue, it should be mempools/

If the file is named correctly then you should post the output via pastebin of:

./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d -m mempools
./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -d -m mempoolls -r -f