Discover system name from alternate OID

I have a Mitel ATA device that I would like to discover but the sysName OID is blank. The system name is found under OID: .

There is no MIB file available for this device. Can I tell libreNMS to pull in the systemName from this OID instead of from the default?

. = STRING: “Mitel TA7108 v2.0.40.747 CXXX-AS-D2000-112”
. = OID: .
. = Timeticks: (336754748) 38 days, 23:25:47.48
. = “”
. = “”
. = “”
. = STRING: “SystemNameHere”

Hi @jmuetzel
This is unfortunately not supported. YAML discovery model would need to be extended, and discovery/poller code as well. Feel free to contribute a PR if you make the necessary changes.