Discovery does not work for Unifi devices

Having issues but I don’t know when it started to be honest. I can’t seem to discover Ubiquiti Unifi devices. I keep getting this error message when trying to run discovery for a device:

"In NetSnmpQuery.php line 151:

Argument 1 passed to LibreNMS\Data\Source\NetSnmpQuery::mibDir() must be of
the type string or null, array given, called in /opt/librenms/LibreNMS/Mod

I’ve narrowed it down to the function “checkDiscovery($device, $item, $def[‘mib_dir’] ?? null))” in Core.php where it halts. Discovery works for all other devices. I’ve even tried renaming the unifi.yaml file and changing the os in the file, in case there would be an issue with the name of the os for some strange reason.

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