Discovery for custom device still categorizes device as "generic"

I am attempting to add discovery for a Fujitsu Flashwave 4500. I have these MIBs:

  • FNC-FW4500-PRODUCT.mib
    …added in /opt/librenms/fujitsu/. I can get the version of my device through snmpget:
$ snmpget -v1 -c XXX -M mibs/fujitsu:mibs SNMPv2-MIB::sysObjectID.0
SNMPv2-MIB::sysObjectID.0 = OID: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3861.3.4500
$ snmpget -v1 -c XXX -M mibs/fujitsu:mibs .
SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0 = STRING: FLASHWAVE 4500:R8.1.K
$ # Confirm that the MIBs are working by getting the system time:
$ snmpget -v1 -c XXX -M mibs/fujitsu:mibs FNC-COMMON-SYS::fcSysDateTime.0
FNC-COMMON-SYS::fcSysDateTime.0 = STRING: 2022-11-11,16:57:54.0

I have the following file at /opt/librenms/includes/definitions/flashwave-4500.yml:

os: flashwave-4500
text: 'Flashwave 4500'
type: network
icon: fujitsu
    - { graph: device_bits, text: 'Device Traffic' }
    - { graph: device_processor, text: 'CPU Usage' }
    - { graph: device_mempool, text: 'Memory Usage' }
mib_dir: fujitsu
  - sysObjectID:
      - . # FLASHWAVE 4500:R8.1.K

But, when I run discovery, it remains as a generic device. Here is the discovery log.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Credit to Mark and @murrant in the LibreNMS Discord channel. The discovery file MUST be .yaml and NOT .yml. This resolved my problem.

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