Discovery for Tripplite devices references misspelled MIB

When I run a discovery for a Tripplite PDUMH30ATNET, the discovery references a built in LibreNMS MIB of TRIPPLIGHT-12X.
Its looking for the MIB at /opt/librenms/mibs:/opt/librenms/mibs/poweralert.
The directory and file are all correct and in place: /opt/librenms/mibs/poweralert/TRIPPLITE-12X.
But the discovery script is looking for a wrong filename TRIPPLIGHT-12X.

This, I think is breaking discovery of several sensors.
There are 14 references to the wrong name between lines 704 and 756.

I think all that needs to be done is replace TRIPPLIGHT-12X with TRIPPLITE-12X, but I have no idea how to do it from my Docker install.

Thanks for any help.

Is it actually causing sensor discovery errors, or just cosmetic errors in the debug output?

I’ve never used a Docker install, but you could try and edit the yaml discovery file temporarily in the container and see if it then allows correct rediscovery.


If that fixes things, someone could then help you submit that change to the codebase to be rolled in to future updates.

Based on the librenms docker documentation examples, maybe:

docker-compose exec librenms bash

… to get a prompt, then edit the end of the first line:

Would suggest spinning up another docker image to test this, or if you edit in place on your install, revert it when done so the daily script will continue to pull updates in the future.

Thanks Rihnoau for the reply, and pointing me in a starting direction.

I was unable to spin up another Docker stack so I just edited my existing stack.
After changing the first line in poweralert.yaml as suggested, the messages of cannot find module have gone away.
However, I now get messages of:
“Expected DESCRIPTION (Corrected spelling errors): At line 45 in /opt/librenms/mibs/poweralert/TRIPPLITE-12X”
Im not sure if this is informational or a showstopper?
Looking at TRIPPLITE-12X, it looks like it was uploaded in Windows format (^M on every line.)
I replaced that file locally and it made no difference to my error above.

I am still trying to get this worked out as I know my PDU has at least some of the OIDs for Tripplite. I am querying them as Custom OIDs and they work fine. But it works better when they are built into LibreNMS… Better graphs and goes in the health tab.
As an example: I can see the Voltage numbers in the discovery, but the Overview page for my device shows 0 volts.

Im currently stuck as I dont know where to go from here.

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