Discrete ipmi

I successfully add ipmp on existing host but i do not find the way to display and alert on some discrete reads.
My goal is to check server with redundant power supplies and fans.
Here are some extracts of the

Nothing is displayed on librenms device page.

Any ideas are welcome



You didnt attached the output of poller :wink:

Hi thanks, the iframe with pastebin data did not work, Sorry first use of that.
Was trying unsuccessfully
Made it via hyperlink

Umh… And you dont have the state sensor called Pwr Unit Redund?

I do not have any discrete showed. Here’s the device screen displayed

I think I see where the issue is:

SQL[UPDATE sensorssetsensor_current=?,lastupdate=NOW() WHERE poller_type = ? AND sensor_class = ? AND sensor_id = ? ["02h","ipmi","",581] 1.63ms]

sensor_class is blank and in your case,it should be state

Do i need to modify code somewhere to correct that ?

Im sure yes, but cant tell you now where or what.

The file should be this one https://github.com/librenms/librenms/blob/master/includes/discovery/sensors/ipmi.inc.php

Or i do need to write custom file for intel server state in
Is there somebody in the team can help for that ?

ipmi sensors are discovered and polled from the ipmi.inc.php files in includes/discovery/sensors/ and includes/polling

Your sensor was discovered but no type associated, so ui cant show it as it has no group.

With that, you can alert on it as it is in the database.

is there any code development envisaged in this area by the the lnms team.
Is there any guide line available to code that ?
I do not know if this is something hard to code ?

Im not totally sure, but I think where the issue is.

State sensors needs a state to index mapping https://docs.librenms.org/Developing/Sensor-State-Support/#advanced-example

There are no mappings in the ipmi polling, as per your pastebin you can see the value in database is 02h.

The way to code it is to know all the possible states returned by ipmi, know what it means (warning, critial, ok…) and then support state sensors in the ipmi polling.