Disk 100% full, trouble extending librenms lv

Hi everyone,

I inherited this system and am overall pretty unfamiliar with Linux. The disk is full and the web GUI is failing to load. I’ve used parted to extend sda5, but can’t seem to extend the space to /dev/mapper/NMS–vg-root.

I found this article and tried extending the lv as suggested, but /dev/mapper/librenms–vg-root remains the same size, with a message that the size is unchanged and nothing to do.

I plan to implement cleanup options in the config file once this is resolved. I currently cannot edit the config file due to disk space being 100% full.

Thanks for your help.

Your lvextend command didn’t succeed.

Any ideas on how to resolve that?

Run the correct command? I don’t know what that is, I was just reading the output for you.

The second lvextend command succeeded (at least through correct syntax), but didn’t use any of the available free space. I ended up installing on a new server.

No it didn’t. It succeed in extending the volume by 0.

This is because you didn’t resize the underlying “extended” partition first. So the lvextend command expanded the lvm partition by 0 because there was no free space in the parent “extended” partition.

Careful reading of the command output would have let you know that :slight_smile:

Glad you got it resolved, sorry you had to take the long way. There are probably better places to ask generic Linux questions btw. Still feel free to ask.