Display more information in Current Alerts view

Hi all,
We’re sending SNMP from a lot of devices to LibreNMS which is working.
When creating alerts based of the SNMP information, is it possible to display that information in the “Current Alerts” view?
All it shows for us is something like this:
#1: last_polled => ‘2023-06-07 06:34:37’
last_polled_timetaken => ‘1.82’
last_discovered_timetaken => ‘4.12’
last_discovered => ‘2023-06-07 06:02:27’
last_ping_timetaken => ‘0.27’
event_id => ‘2681845’

Which doesn’t say us much. If we setup an Alert Template and use a transport, say, send it as an email, then we get more detailed information.

But what we’re after is to get that information directly in the “current alert” view in librenms.

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