Display Optical Rx Power

I need help on displaying Laser Rx Power. Is there any guidance for me to enable it on Librenms?
I enabled it from devices to be viewed via snmp but nothing show up on Librenms.

My device: Generic Device

I use Cisco IOS Software to test now also does not show Optical Rx Power.
Any guidance please


Take a look here: https://docs.librenms.org/Developing/Support-New-OS/

Thanks, I have read it and make Rx Power display however it can not get Rx Power data.

Hi @Jerry_Dao
If your device is not yet supported by LibreNMS, then you have to follow the link provided by TheGreatDoc.
If your device is already supported by LibreNMS (like a Cisco device) then Laser RX/TX dbm values are already polled, if available. Some devices are not provided those values over SNMP so that is normal they don’t show. For instance, Cisco 897 laser measurements are not available over SNMP, you need to ask Cisco to add it :smiley:
If you still have issues, then you’ll need to provide more details :

  • ./discovery.php -h -m sensors -v
  • ./poller.php -h -m sensors -v


Here are info for Cisco device:

Thanks in advanced.

Most of the devices in my company wont show Laser RX/TX dbm via SNMP,
I have one open source system (self made) to monitor Rx/Tx power by getting info from SSH connection.
Is there anyway to do the same with Librenms?


Seems that your cisco devices are not even discovered at all. They appear to be generic.
What model is it ?

Hello, thanks for reply. I sent a wrong device, it is Ubiquoss.

Operating System


Object ID


I added all the MIBS but still can not show the Rx/Tx Power, however if I use the Mibwalker then it will show the Rx/Tx Power. SNMPwalker of librenms can not show same info.

OK. Then this device is not yet supported in LibreNMS. You can create the support yourself and contribute it to LibreNMS for others to use it. That’s how this product works.

The documentation can be found here :

If you don’t feel doing this, you can also ask the community to do it, but there are already 115+ requests in the queue so don’t expect this support to be added very soon unless you do it.


Very impress, I have succeed to add my OLT and all ports are visible. BUT I want to see the Tx/Rx power level of each port. Can anybody help. I am a new to this. Kindly …