Display portnames for Brocade FC Switches

Currently all ports on my Brocade switches are called “FC Port 0/0”, “FC Port 0/1” etc. in LibreNMS. It would be nice if LibreNMS could instead use the name configured by the portname command which can be read via SNMP OID

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I second this!

Maybe somebody could give us a hint what ought to be changed in order to get this?

Thank you!

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Wondering if someone managed to make this work. i second this request too as it doesn’t really make sense to have to manually maintain the port names on librenms.

Thank you!

I’ve completed the changes to fix this. Currently testing it.
Will submit a PR when it is OK

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PR is submitted :slight_smile:

If you want to test you can do it from commandline: ./scripts/github-apply 10737
Please report back your findings

There is a whitespace somewhere, note the error below when applying github cmd:

./scripts/github-apply 10737
:44: trailing whitespace.

Checking patch includes/functions.php…
Checking patch includes/polling/ports.inc.php…
Checking patch includes/polling/ports/brocade.inc.php…
Applied patch includes/functions.php cleanly.
Applied patch includes/polling/ports.inc.php cleanly.
Applied patch includes/polling/ports/brocade.inc.php cleanly.
warning: 1 line adds whitespace errors.

However port name description seems to be working fine :slight_smile:

Thanks, i’ve removed the whitespace

The code is merged in master :slight_smile: