Displaying dashboard using influxdb instead of rrd as data source for the display

HI all,

As you know the display of dashboard on librenms, this one uses the data bases RRD as source of data, and I would now if it is possible to change the source of data for the display on librenms and use influxdb because this does not deteriorate data over time, unlike RRD where the size of the database is pre-determined, And have a display of metric as grafana on librenms in places of past by grafana to display metric and have a best details,

what do you think ??

This isn’t possible.

v2 will support influxdb + other backends but it’s unlikely v1 will ever do so.

thank you for your Quick reply

This is interesting, then one could use external snmp pollers, but using libre as a single point of view.

Where can one follow this development ?