Distributed poller - cluster master control

Is there a way to control which nodes are allowed to be the cluster master?

No, because which node is master is not particularly important.

If you really think it is for some reason, you can probably figure a way to block it by modifying the code. This will reduce resiliency in your cluster and may result in no work being done.

Why isn’t it important?

If I have a three node galera cluster and 9 pollers. why would I want a poller to be the cluster master handing out tasks.

The redis instance is co-hosted with the galera database. The nodes with the most resources which are running ha does not reduce resiliency. The pollers which are distributed throughout the organization are less important than the redis and galera instances.

I wouldn’t overthink it.

Any of the nodes can be the master, if any of them stop or fail then another one will do the job.

I found it.

Now my HA cluster members are the only ones that can become a cluster master.

The pollers are just workers used for polling and nothing else.

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