Distributed poller service w/Redis and daily.sh/memcached


So this question has emerged in a couple of threads now, but there was no definitive answer, only assumptions. Maybe more luck this time.
If there is LibreNMS with poller services (beta) in use, the version with Redis, it still does not eliminate requirement of daily.sh use if I’m not mistaken. If we launch daily.sh, among all other things it will try to purge older data from instance, for example: syslog_purge, eventlog_purge, authlog_purge, etc. daily.php does this with help of lock_and_purge function, which places lock on table in memcached in order to proceed. Interestingly enough, daily.sh will not proceed without memcached.

The question itself is: is memcached required for distributed pollers service use? As far as I understood, Redis server is used instead, but daily.sh still requires memcached to be in place for this.
If memcached is installed, launched and available, whereas distributed pollers service is in use, the following error will occur:

Another poller () has lock: lock.syslog_purge

At the same time, memcached keys are completely absent, where can lock reside?

telnet 11211
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
stats items

Answering my own question:
I had an error in configuration file, where the following lines were missing:

$config['distributed_poller_memcached_host']             = 'example.net';
$config['distributed_poller_memcached_port']             = '11211';

If they are added pointing to memcached instance, the daemons is running and all, daily.sh works as expected. This concludes that memcached is required in case poller service w/Redis is used.