Distributed Poller Setup - CentOS

Hi Everyone,

This is my fist attempt to get a distributed poller setup on a CentOS VM at a remote site. The setup is as follows:

Primary location > Full install of LibreNMS including MariaDB etc following the LibreNMS install instruction for an Apache config
Secondary Location > Install of LibreNMS without MariaDB

What I am having difficulty with getting my head around is the following because it’s not outlined in any of the instructions I have read regarding this topic:

  • What ports needs to be opened on the firewall at both the primary and secondary location?
  • Does the secondary location need access to the primary locations instance of MariaDB? In other words open port 3306?
  • How do I share the share their RRD-folder?
  • How do i check what version of rrdtool I have and does it have to be installed at both the primary and secondary site?
  • How do I install the python-memcached package?
  • How do I configure memcache at both the primary and secondary site?
  • How do I configure rrdcached at both the primary and secondary site?

Sorry if these questions seem trivial, but like I said, I’m really having difficulty getting my head around how this works and I have no experience with both memcache and RRDTool.

Many thanks for any guidance any of you can give.


MySQL, Memcached and RRDCached (+ NFS if you use that).


Either NFS or use rrdtool/rrdcached > 1.5.5

rrdtool -v and no but you really should keep them the same.

You only install memcached on your primary site.

You only configure rrdcached in one site. We have install docs on this.