Distributed Polling Question

I would like to setup a secondary LibreNMS server that would poll the same devices that the main LibreNMS server polls.

Would I need to consider using “Distributed Polling” or could I have my main LibreNMS Server as primary and just add a secondary standalone (Virtual Machine) that would be a backup server ( to check out the backup server I would just login to web UI of the backup server ).

If I used “Distributed Polling”, how many Virtual Machines would I need for database, Web, and memcached/rrd? Would I just configure my main LibreNMS server as a polling group and the add the secondary server to the same polling group?

Thanks in advance for any and all input!

What do you want exactly?

LibreNMS cant run in a full HA environment. RRD doesnt support it.

With a distributed poller, there is only 1 database/webserver, your main one. The other install will only poll and update data in your main.

About having 2 independent install, take into account that your monitored devices will be discovered/polled from 2 servers at same time.

Polling the same devices from two different LibreNMS installs seems like a recipe for disaster.

If you want a backup of the data, back it up via standard means.

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That’s what I was thinking as well and the reason why I thought I better check.