Distributed polling questions

I’ve read the page regarding scaling LibreNMS https://docs.librenms.org/#Extensions/Distributed-Poller/ and have some questions on setting up the distributed polling basing on the Config sample of a live setup that consists of a web server, DB server , RRDCached server and 3 pollers.

Q1: as Poller 1 and Poller 2 are configured as pollers for group 0, how the polling jobs are divided between the two pollers?

Q2: what are the functionalities of DB server and RRDCached server?

Q3: Which parts of the configurations configures how the information is transferred between the servers, web server, DB server and RRDCached server?

Q4: as the IP ‘example.com’ the IP of web server, how the service ports of MySQL server / RRDCached server are mapped to ‘example.com’:port?

Q5: how the pollers send polled info to MySQL DB server and RRDCached server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Q1. Using memcached.

Q2. Storing device info and graph data.

Q3. DB config, memcached config and rrdcached.

Q4. That’s up to you, you just need to have those ports exposed then specify the IP or hostname.

Q5. Using the code we write.

Thanks laf. Greatly appreciated!