Distributed Polling vs Proxy?

So I have a a network that is really two networks connected via a VPN (two houses). I was initially looking at using Zabbix because it has the “Zabbix Proxy”, but I like LibreNMS better and LibreNMS can integrate Oxidized for router configs. The question is how to incorporate the two sites with LibreNMS. I know there is Distributed Polling, but that requires the RRD directories be linked, etc. The nice thing about the Zabbix proxy is that the proxy is independent and uploads to the main site when it is connected. Thoughts?

Basically I’d like to have two independent librenms share one interface…

That is in essence what the distributed polling does but you can’t have totally separate installs fed into one WebUI.

The problem with the distributed polling is that the sites need to share a Memcached/RRDCached/RRD Folder. Suggestions on how to do that? I thought about running the Memcached/RRDCached via a VPN, but wasn’t sure the best way to do the RRD folder. NFS via the internet or VPN?.. what about if the sites become disconnected? That is actually one of the things I want to monitor. If the sites become disconnected will the poller still poll and “cache” the results so when it comes back up I don’t loose data?

The zabbix proxy for example has its own dataset which it forwards over. So if the connection is down it will still log and then transmit when it can.

  1. You can run memcached/rrdcached and nfs over VPN - how well it works for you depends on numerous factors. rrdtool 1.6 supports remote creation of files so you can drop the nfs requirement if you run 1.6 or above - this is not a tested feature.

  2. If the site dies then you would be monitoring the second site from the first no?

  3. If the site dies, you loose data during that period.