Distributed polling with overlapping IP ranges?

Does LibreNMS support distributed polling for devices with overlapping IPs?

E.g., can one poller monitor a “host.foo” ( whilst another poller monitors “host.bar” (also

IF u add by domain name, yes also on solo poller works also.

Rrds created are then 2 diffrent,
Host.foo and host.bar voor the rrd map.

Myself had multiple devices over same host.
OFC port camping at host.foo if its wan polling. (And set on other port map)

Thanks SniperVegeta, but you may get me wrong. host.foo and host.bar are not the same device, nor are they residing in the same network. It’s two devices in two different customer networks, but with the same IP addressing.

How should this work with one poller? From the perspective of the poller (or the default gateway of the poller) there can only be one active route towards a network e.g.

My question is: Can every poller have it’s routing towards a target host done from the perspective of the poller?

This is what I want to achive:

|   MSP MGMT   |         VPN         [email protected]             [email protected]
|   Network    |    +--------------+ +--------------+
+--------------+    |
||  LibreNMS  ||    |
||||    |    VPN         [email protected]             [email protected]
|--------------|    +--------------+ +--------------+

As long the poler1 DNS points to there IP and poller2 DNS points to there (same) IP it will be fine
dont forget the rra’s database (else other database) to be same

Poller 1 dont know poller 2, as long its not serving the same group, else it will be fucked.

So u need to force add whitout check on the main, set to poller 1 ( as name not as IP bc, main can not know IP and check)

so add sw01.comp1.com to poller 1 ( what will result in RRD map sw01.comp1.com mapped to
and add sw01.comp2.com to poller 2 (what will result in RRD map sw01.comp2.com mapped to

So your libre can get seperate data for same IP
but poller 1 could never take over poller 2. bc its comp1 or comp2 dedicated poller for there infra

This is great news! In combination with policy based routing this will enable us to monitor customers with overlapping IP address ranges using a single LibreNMS “plane”.

Thank you very much!