Docker Image custom init script?

I finally moved over to the docker image. After years of running a dedicated VM, I see the light.

Everything seems to be running smooth. I’m actually running it on a windows 10 machine with ws2/docker desktop. (No issues)

Now, I’m not sure if anyone has any ideas. But, how do you automate customizations? When deploying a vm, we would run scripts to mostly change the logos around in the “/opt/librenms/html/images/custom” directory but now I’m not sure how to achieve that in an automated way docker.

You should set as much as you can via the WebUI or lnms config:set CONFIG_NAME CONFIG_VALUE, i.e: lnms config:set base_url

The last thing to do is as per the docker docs but we are moving away from asking people setting things via config.php style files: docker/ at master · librenms/docker · GitHub

Got it, I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

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