Docker monitoring

I’m currently setting up LibreNMS monitoring.
Is it possible to monitor docker containers? I.e. Status, CPU, Memory etc.

I couldn’t find it in de docs. Or is there a pull reqeust for this on Github which I can use/help with :slight_smile:

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Hi @svenvg93,

Can you elobrate more on what you want to monitor them for specirically?

Generally I would monitor the underlying nodes/hosts that are running the containers, as the containers themselves.

In theory, if you know you can get connectivity to the indiviual containes and know that the IP of the container will never change (or you have dns setup) then you should be able to add the snmp package to the container and then configure it as you would any other host.

I want to monitor the status (Running, Stopped), CPU usage, memory usage.
I Know that the docker.sock reports those stats.

SNMP could be a option, but I use prebuild images from That would mean I have to install SNMP everytime there a new version pulled.

Hi. Was there ever a result to this ?

Currently I use LibreNMS to monitor the docker host, but I have our apps team looking to monitor the CPU, memory etc usage in each container, and they’re looking for different solutions to this.

Can LibreNMS monitor the metrics of a container somehow?

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Don’t know if you’re still looking for a solution, but if python is installed on your docker host, you can probably use something like:

Which is a Nagios plugin for docker.

Hi. Yes still looking for a solution.

Thank you kindly, I’ll have a look at this and hopefully it will be the answer.