DOCSIS 2 & 3 Cable Modems Support

DOCSIS is a Standard and as such I imagine that almost any cable modem could be used, I have noticed some difference over the years between models / vendors. So i have provided the 4 models I commonly use & sample output from each.

Models Currently In Use:
-Motorola SB5101
-Motorola SB6180
-Motorola SBG6580
-Arris DG1674

Sample Output:
SB5101 -
SB6180 -
SBG6580 -
DG1670A -

Items to be Graphed
-Signal Levels
-Ranging Timeouts
-Lost Syncs
-CM Resets
-T1,T2,T3,T4 Timeouts

MIB --> OID For the Above:

Items to be Counted / Graphed:
-Channel Frequency
-Channel Width
-UnErrored Codewords
-Correctable Codewords
-Uncorrectable Codewords
SNMP-Walk Output:

Layer 1 Info;
-These don’t really need to be graphed - Something more of an event history would suffice - also the existing Ports / Overview page already shows Up/Down - but associating the mib/oid with the interfaces is important
-Mac Address’s
-BRIDGE-MIB::dot1dTpFdbAddress.’ .d…g’ = STRING: 20:e5:64:ff:db:67 #### CABLE MODEM MAC ADDRESS
-BRIDGE-MIB::dot1dTpFdbAddress.‘l…’ = STRING: 6c:19:8f:f3:99:95 #### DEVICE BEHIND THE MODEM

-Ethernet Status & Last State Change
SNMP Walk output:

-Traffic with Total in Mb,Gb etc… ( I imagine something existing can be used for this )

Please let me know if you require any additional information or output.

Thank you.


I would find this incredibly useful for one of my clients.


EDIT: UPS. Misread date of post…

I have recently been working on something similar to this… I’m now thinking entire new sensor, and not just additions to existing.

In my experience, modem manufactures do not conform very well to the standard mibs, and I have often seen modems that do not return values.

Planning on using CISCO-DOCS-EXT-MIB (ciscoDocsExtMIB) which contains number of CPEs online/offline and others. AND docsIfSigQSignalNoise which returns SNR value for the US channel (needs to be divided by 10). I would poll the CMTS, and graph these data, since I have no interest in monitoring thousands of modems.

@Jens_Nykaer something like this?

Thats for an Arris C4/C4c CMTS and its uses the standard docsis mibs.

Yes. The SNR OID is described in DOCS-IF-MIB. Number of CPEs online are defined in CISCO-DOCS-EXT-MIB, alongside UGS stats, and other nice values.

Do you happen to know if Arris counts number of CPEs in various states?, and if so - the MIB?