Does LibreNMS support the Data Type Table?

I’m trying to make an overview with a table of all the missing APs from an LANCOM WLC. Under Custom OID I only see the Data Type Counter or Gauge. Does that mean “Table” is not supported or is there a way to make such an overview.

OID I’m talking about:
lcsStatusWlanMngmtApStatusMissingApTable OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX SEQUENCE OF LcsStatusWlanMngmtApStatusMissingApEntry
MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
STATUS current
::= { lcsStatusWlanMngmtApStatus 1 }

Example Output:
iso. = Hex-STRING: 00 A0 57 AB CD EF
iso. = IpAddress:
iso. = STRING: “AP111”
iso. = STRING: “Room111”
iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = “”
iso. = STRING: “Group-Office”

There is already code to show APs in LibreNMS. I didn’t look at it, but maybe there is a way to mark them as missing/offline.

LibreNMS can read SNMP tables, but not with Custom OID. Custom OID is really meant for one-off type stuff. Getting 1 numeric value OID from 1 device mapped to a single line on a chart. So counter/gauge only kind of makes sense.

Getting what you’re after would probably take some development work to better support LANCOM wireless. There might be some hints on that and getting its info into the existing AP/wireless tables that murrant mentioned at: Wireless Sensors - LibreNMS Docs