Does not send alert email

I am configuring SMTP to send email about alerts but I can’t get it to send the email.
If I do the test to see my configuration and my transport, I receive the email correctly.

Configure the alert rules, associating the transport that you create but the email does not arrive.
I have the alerts in my history but the email does not send it. I am using a corporate SMTP, but that is not the problem because the test email does arrive.
Seeing in the forums someone said that in the global configuration, in the alerts part they left all the boxes disabled, I tried that but nothing.
Has it happened to anyone? could you help me?
thank you

Try with a SMTP Google account, with my 365 account didn’t work, but with Gmail it’s working properly

I generated the integration with GMAIL and the same thing happens, the test email arrives fine but the alerts do not.

Anything else that can occur to you?
thank you

Likely you have an invalid alert template. Use the alert template test tool described in the docs.