Down ports don't show in the list

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I am seeing some 31 ports as down in device summary, but when I click 31 it shows just 6 ports, what are the hidden 25 ports and how to ignore from this list, below are the pictures of both the things:

Is there any way to rectify this issue?

On the Ports down page, try check and search these boxes individually 1 by 1, to see if you gain any more results.

hello @Chas,
Thanks for your quick reply we have 338 disabled ports which are getting reflected.

Everything other than “DOWN” ports is accounted for, only down ports I get 6 ports instead of 31 ports that is reflected in the status

Are you also logged in on the Admin account? to ensure no devices are being restricted from the port down view.

Yes logged in as admin

Can any one help I am not able to understand from where the “down ports” are getting picked?