Dvice interface down/up alert


i am looking to have all our devices should give alert once any interface/port goes down/up, now we’re getting alert on Telegram when devices goes down/up.

please advise.


Hi Prasad,

I guess you need to navigate to LibreNMS Alerts → Alerts rules and create an alert rule there.

For instance you may create a port up/down rule by clicking “Import From” and click “Collection” to see relevart example rules, or click “Old Format” and copy paste the below:

%ports.ifOperStatus = “down” AND %macros.port_down = “1”

Afterwards, select the relevant severity, Max alerts, etc.

Make sure to select ALL the devices you wish this rule to be triggered from and also click the relevant Telegram entry from the “Transports” field.

More info can be found at docs.librenms.org

Hope i helped :slight_smile:

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Hi @Prasad,

In case this solved your issue make sure to press the “Solution” button so others may benefit from this as well :smiley:

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