Dynamic group by sysLocation

I am trying to make Dynamic groups according to the snmp value in “sysLocation”. I have set my various SNMP locations (per distinct data centers) in the DC equipment, and I see the devices in the LibreNMS UI , with the correct Location name (polled from sysLocation.0). However, when I try to use the Dynamic group feature, I am not able to get any devices into the Group. I am using the “devices.location_id” in the rule choser. I am setting this “equal” to the SNMP Location parameter that is coming from my devices. But my Group never gets any devices populated.

It seems this would work better if I would see “devices.sysLocation” in the Dynamic rule drop down menu, such as with “devices.sysContact”. …seems wierd that Location is referenced as “devices.location_id” . …

devices.location_id is a field in the devices table. It is a reference to the locations table. In the locations table you will have ID, location, lat, lng, and timestamp. The location can be referenced as the ID, sysLocation, latitude, longitude, datetime of the device.

For sysLocation group your items by locations.location instead of devices.location_id.

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Thank you , works like champ!

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