Eaton 9130 - Temperature not being obtained from UPS

Please advise if there is something specific I need to do. It seems to be reading and graphing everything, except temperature. Screenshot from the SNMP management card from the UPS itself shows the battery temperature correct.


We have a couple of Eaton devices with the same symptoms. I had a little peek in the polling process and found the following:

  1. LibreNMS uses generic UPS-MIB for Eaton monitoring, at least for our model.
  2. sysObjectID refers to MG-SNMP-UPS-MIB::upsmg.
  3. In UPS-MIB there is a dedicated temperature OID: UPS-MIB::upsBatteryTemperature, which returns “0” as a value via snmpwalk/snmpget.
  4. In MG-SNMP-UPS-MIB there is a dedicated temperature OID: MG-SNMP-UPS-MIB::upsmgEnvironmentTemperature, but unfortunately, it also return “0” as value.

So in our case the problem is not with LibreNMS, but with the device itself, or more precisely - how it returns temperature via SNMP.

Thx. Will see if there is an update for the snmp card.