EATON UPS reporting wrong voltage - possibly easy to fix

Hi all,

First of all, I LOVE LIBRENMS !!!

Secondly, we have to EATON UPS’es and both of them are reporting wrong voltages, in detail a tenth of it.
I dug around a little bit and found

  • librenms/includes/definitions/discovery/eaton-ats.yaml containing
  • divisor: 10, which would fit exactly the problem

Removed the divisor line and hoped with a rediscovery to get that fixed -> nahhhh, still reporting wrong voltage

I would greatly appreciate any hints to get that debugged.



We have 4 Eaton UPS and none of them report incorrect voltages for Input, Output, Bypass and Battery.
Eaton is compatible with RFC 1628 for the models we have (9130 UPS and PW9130 3000VA-R) and LibreNMS collects voltage data from this MIB OIDs.

What model do you have? What values do you see via SNMP?

Hi angryp,

We have two EATON’s,

  • 9SX 6000i
  • EX 3000
    Both of them have the same network card (NetworkMS). The EX is a bit old and has an older hardware revision of the network card and therefore not the latest software revision, “just” HF instead of KB for the newer.

About SNMP values, good question which OID to look at?
From the management web interface I see the correct values (e.g. 237 Volts) in LibreNMS I see 23.7 Volts



Did you add these devices recently and have the issue right away, or did they change their behaviour recently ?
I did push a change for eaton-mgeups device (they were not at all discovered) and had this kind of divisor issue.

If there is no uniform reply of the eaton devices, we’ll end up with some kind of table to map devices and divisors and that would be a pain to maintain … :frowning:


PipoCanaja, I have 6 eaton ups that all broke on the Wednesday night upgrade this week. Input/Output/Bypass are all reporting around 12v and should be around 120 just like nova-2nd posted. They have been working fine for years. So something defiantly broke on that update. If you need any info from me, let me know what you need and I hopefully can help. Thanks, Craig.


Please confirm that the OS of your UPS are eaton-mgeups.

If yes, the default value for them will be changed back to 1, and only the Galaxy family will have the “10” divisor. (that’s the one I have).



A new PR is out to only change the divisor for the Galaxy model, and not the others. This should correct the values on your devices.

Bye and sorry for the issue,

PipoCanaja, they are all

Operating System Eaton MGE UPS

Thanks, I will update and check results

OK. The Galaxy will change from eaton to APC, and the divisor will be restored for all eaton-mgeups devices.

The code is not yet merged. You can follow the link below to see when it comes :


Confirmed fixed for EATON 9SX