EdgeSwitch 10XP as generic device

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Our new Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 10XP is recognized as a generic device.

Is it possible to add these device?

sysDescr: RTL8380-8GE-2GEF
sysObjectID: .

|Version|1.58.1-14-gb1e56c77e - Thu Dec 05 2019 15:51:58 GMT+0100|
|Database Schema|2019_04_22_220000_update_route_table (147)|
|Web Server|Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu)|

Hi @computman
Feel free to add it and submit the PullRequest in github.
If you cannot do it, you can open an issue here https://github.com/librenms/librenms/issues to fill the required data in order for somebody else to do it. Keep in mind that this list is huge and can only reduce if people from the community like you add the support.

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Yaml modified and it’s working

Where to submit the file ?

I have submitted a pull request

Don’t know If I have done it right :slight_smile:

It is good for the change. We just need to help you collect the testdata. I’ll have a look at that ASAP.

we have a edgeswitch 8XP which is also being detected as a generic device
it has network stats but nothing else
no cpu, memory or vlans
was the pull request for the 10xp looked into?

update for people my patch was merged into the master branch
it should detect 8xp and 10xp as edgeswitch devices now !

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