Email Alert Summary, instead of Individual Alerts

Hello all,
I was curious about adding a feature to LibreNMS for the Alert Manager.
To where instead of receiving 5 or 6 emails containing all of your alerts all at once, to instead just get one email, that contains all of the alerts data in one.

I looked briefly and saw that the alerts are just parsing HTML and sending them along for transport, so hopefully this wouldn’t be a huge pain to implement.

Anyways if there was no one available to actively work on this I’d be happy to take a shot myself if someone could point me in the right direction on the code base.


Do you mean to send all the alert information for every alert full stop or just on a per device basis?

I.e if you have a port down and a sensor over it’s limit on a device you would just get one alert with data for both?

While this may make more sense on a per device basis, in my use case, I was hoping to see per type of alert, or rather type of sensor that has triggered it. Like one email for two different ports are that down.

To be less abstract, a major use case for my team is alerts of users whose printer has run out of ink. But with hundreds of users this could end up being 15-20 emails when they all do come in, and ideally there could be some way to combine them into an overview of sorts.

But like I said my look at the repo has been quick so I’m not sure how much refactoring would be required to group those values together.

You can start with the function runAlerts() but I think it would take some refactoring to get what you need as alerts are processed on a per device level right now.

I appreciate the information. I’ll take a look at it, but if processed on a per device basis that does sound a bit like a feature overhaul. But thank you!