Email alert template formatting


Can anyone explain how, without touching anything, the LibreNMS email alerts have changed to the following format?

Severity: %severity
{if %state == 0}Time elapsed: %elapsed
{/if}Timestamp: %timestamp
Unique-ID: %uid
Rule: {if %name}%name{else}%rule{/if}
{if %faults}Faults:
{foreach %faults} #%key: %value.string
{/foreach}{/if}Alert sent to: {foreach %contacts}%value <%key> {/foreach}

Previously they were in the format:

Alert for device hostname - Device DOWN
Severity: critical
Timestamp: 2019-03-04 18:50:05
Unique-ID: 780
Rule: Device DOWN
Alert sent to: admin <email>

This change seemed to happen after 2019-03-04 (there is an alert on 2019-03-07 which uses the first format). LibreNMS is set to use monthly updates.

The software versions are as follows:

Version 1.52 - Tue May 28 2019 09:20:13 GMT+0800
DB Schema 2019_02_10_220000_add_dates_to_fdb (132)
Web Server Apache/2.4
PHP 7.2.14
MySQL 10.3.12-MariaDB-log
RRDtool 1.7.1


Could it be related to version 1.49, which was released on 2019-03-03?

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For anyone else who bumps into this, go to:

Alerts > Alert Templates > edit > Convert template.