Email Alert using postfix

Hello masters, I’m configuring an email alert on libreNMS using postfix. I do successfully installed postfix and configured it sending email manually using mail command using the relay of []:587. I’m having a hard time to configure librenms to send an alerts via email. Can someone guide mo on this to make things worked?

Things that I have done so far:

  1. configure the global settings under alerting tab, email options
  2. set the default contact the same with the syscontact defined in snmpd.conf
  3. set the alert rule to use postfix.

Hope someone can assist me on this. Thanks

The rule should not be “set to use postfix”. The rule is the condition to trigger the alert. So condition is “device down and status=ICMP”. Remove the 3rd condition, and you’ll see the alert in the LibreNMS GUI.

Then you’ll have to create an Email Alert Transport, and map it to your alert.

You can have a look at the documentation :


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Thank you PipoCanaja, I’ll remove the 3rd condition and try it out including the transports. I’ll let you know once working. Thank you and stay safe.

To update this. My email alert is now working fine by just defining an Alert transports. I did use postfix for this setup.

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