Email alerts not working 24.3.0

I appreciate that there have been a number of posts on this topic in recent months, years, but after reading through them I have not been able to resolve my issue - so I was hoping for some pointers that might help me out.

I have limited experience with Linux, but have been running a LibreNMS server for a few years without issue. I recently decided to create a new server to replace the one I have been running, which is still operational and emails alerts, so is useful for making comparisons.

I used the VirtualBox image on github. The only thing I tinkered with was the time zone, which I set to Europe/London in both PHP config files indicated in other posts.

Test emails are working, but I don’t receive anything when alerts are triggered.

I set up a basic test alert with no device groups or transport groups.

Validate config is all okay except Webserver, server name is set incorrectly. But that is the case on the working system, too.

Here are the ./validate.php results

The time stamps on the event log are correct for the time zone.

Mail settings are identical on both systems, and as stated, the test email from the alert transports page works fine.

Global settings as follows:

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