Email alerts to different users

Hi guys,

I’m looking for some info about email alerts configuration.

My main question is to set up sending email alerts for different devices to different emails. As far as I understand, I can check “Issue alerts to sysContact”. Am I correct?

If i check this option, will it send an email to admins also or not?

Otherside, if I create a global-read user and give him an access to specific devices, will it limit he to receive nofification from authorized devices or not? Or it’s just for web access to devices?

Anyway, please suggest me how to set up email alerts: all devices to admins, specific devices for specifi users only.
Thanks a lot!


device 1 - to admins
device 2 - to admins + to user1
device 3 - to admins + to user2
device 4 - to admins + to user1 + to user2

Thanks a lot!

Guys, I found myself… hope it’s correct…

I have created Transports, then Transport Group, then I have added Transport Group in the Rule.


Yes - and if need some more info check out the docs

So what does the email address do under the user settings? I was hoping it would email on those devices?