Email notification problems

I’ve some problem with the email notification. For now, I was used only the option “Send alerts to default contact only”. But now that our team as been added as admins and syscontact added to the SNMP information I want to disable this option and enable “Issue alerts to admins” and “Issue alerts to sysContact”.

  1. When enabling these options no email is going out. The alert appears, but nothing is sent. When using the debug menu to test the Alert, I can see the email addresses that need to be contacted.
  2. The second problem, when disabling these options and going back to “Send alerts to default contact only” no message is sent until I reboot the server (didn’t test to restart Apache).

The “Test Transport” button is always working and correct recipients receive the test message.

Check the eventlog for the device an alert was raised and see what was said for the transport as to why emails haven’t sent.

For the 2. and maybe even the 1. though, Turn off updates to contact email addresses not honored: /settings/sub=alerting/

Thanks, the email addresses not honoured option is disabled since the installation.

The event log says:

Error: You must provide at least one recipient email address.

This device has a sys contact defined in the SNMP and the LibreNMS administrator adresses are known.

A Github issue was created: