Email options issue

I got a problem when I configure my email options.
When I select smtp (for the deliver mail) this error message appear “an error occured”


mail option

do you have a solution ?
Thank in advance

someone have a solution ? :roll_eyes:

When you get “an error occured” do you get any information in your logs/librenms.log file ?

Can you change any other setting in that page, is it just the “From” field?

in my log there is nothing
only this message
/opt/librenms/discovery.php new 2019-09-26 10:50:02 - 0 devices discovered in 0.000 secs

and if I change something the error doesn’t disappear

So you get “An error occured” by changing any setting in the GUI ?

try run these
chown -R librenms:librenms /opt/librenms

not any setting I click on “how to deliver mail” and select “smtp”, an error message appear “An error occurred.”

I did but the problem still

Check your javascript console if any more info, on chrome right click -> inspect -> Console, refresh page and try again and watch to see if any errors when you get “an error occured”.

You mean this ?

perfect :slight_smile:

What is your base URL set to in config.php? try the default $config['base_url'] = "/";

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yes it’s “/”

config.php <?php ## Have a look in for examples of settings you can set here. DO NOT EDIT! ### Database config $config['db_host'] = 'localhost'; $config['db_port'] = '3306'; $config['db_user'] = 'librenms'; $config['db_pass'] = '********'; $config['db_name'] = 'librenms'; $config['db_socket'] = ''; // This is the user LibreNMS will run as //Please ensure this user is created and has the correct permissions to your install $config['user'] = 'librenms'; ### Locations - it is recommended to keep the default #$config['install_dir'] = "/opt/librenms"; ### This should *only* be set if you want to *force* a particular hostname/port ### It will prevent the web interface being usable form any other hostname #$config['base_url'] = "/"; ### Enable this to use rrdcached. Be sure rrd_dir is within the rrdcached dir ### and that your web server has permission to talk to rrdcached. #$config['rrdcached'] = "unix:/var/run/rrdcached.sock"; ### Default community $config['snmp']['community'] = array("public"); ### Authentication Model $config['auth_mechanism'] = "mysql"; # default, other options: ldap, http-auth #$config['http_auth_guest'] = "guest"; # remember to configure this user if you use http-auth ### List of RFC1918 networks to allow scanning-based discovery #$config['nets'][] = ""; #$config['nets'][] = ""; #$config['nets'][] = "";

ok problem solved, it’s because I forgot to uncomment
#$config[‘base_url’] = “/”;

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Good stuff :slight_smile:

for info related - Web UI not writable with admin account - #20 by Cora

thank you for the support

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