Email transport configuration

Is there a secret sauce to setting up Email transport to send to my gmail account? I have it setup similar to the following post:

The only difference being i am using my personal gmail account. Does it require a g-suite account? Also I have 2FA on my gmail account so I am using one of the App Passwords that I created specifically for LibreNMS from

./validate.php shows all is well (except for php timezone)

I wonder if I am just missing an obvious configuration option somewhere.
Thank you all for your time.

I have setup Gmail using personal account but I wasn’t using 2FA.
2FA maybe throwing it off…
And no you don’t need a g-suit account

here is how personal one looks.

time fix is important and should not be ignored.

Thanks, Kevin. I’ll give it another go tonight.

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OK, just an update on configuring Email Transport with Gmail and 2FA.

I managed to get this working by going to Then go to Sign-in and Security and click on App Passwords.

At the bottom you can create new app passwords.

Select App -> Mail
Select Device -> I chose Windows Computer (You can probably choose “Other (Custom Name)” but since I got it working with this settings, I just put my hands up and moved away from the keyboard)
Then click Generate and use the resulting password in your email transport settings in LibreNMS.

Thanks for your help

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